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Welcome everyone young and old to my own unique webpage.  This website was created due to the requirements of Beloved Professor Joel Elgin for Art Appreciation 102.  If you are intrigued enough to voyage further around this website you will find information about myself, an analysis of one my my favorite artists and some links different things I enjoy.  My wonderful Art Page will also allow you special access to a 16 hour photographic documentary of spending a day in my shoes.  So, to BPJ and anyone else who has stumbled upon this site, I invite you to explore my creation. 

Another objective of this site is to express myself thorugh either a personal or social funtion of art.  For this project I decided to choose the personal function of religious and spiritual.  I chose this subject mainly because I went to Catholic school my whole life and I enjoy seeing paintings relating to the bible or other religious history that I had learned about in school.  For more information on why I enjoy religious  and spiritual art so much, please visit the Religious/ Spiritual page on this website. 

My Art Page