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My 16 Hour Documentary
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Here is a 16 hour view into my daily life.  This was on Monday December first, so it is not the most exciting day of the week, but it was an interesting one.


8:57 A.M.
Here I am in my bathroom in my tiny apartment brushing my teeth after I woke up.  My dad is a dentist, so I have been brainwashed with lectures on proper oral hygiene, but it was probably a good thing becase I never forget to brush my teeth.  A few other perks of being the son of a dentist is free toothbrushes and toothpaste for my entire life.  After brushing my teeth i got dressed and ready for my first class of the day.


9:57 A.M.
This picture was taken during the second minute of my Music Appreciation class.  I put foot up on my left leg to hide the camera and to get my awsome shoe in the picture.  The shoe you are looking at has been with me for four long years now.  They are my absolutly my favorite pair of shoes and you can tell by all the rips and tears that they have been through alot with me.  The rest of this picture includes my classmates and Professor Phipps in the front of the class starting his lecture. 


10:57 A.M.
This is me going back home after finishing my Music Appreciation class.  I basically live across the street from the Cartwright Center, so I walk by it everyday.  You can see all of the snow on the ground and I believe that Monday was the first day that snow had fallen so much that it actually stayed on the ground.  Like my shoes, this hat I am wering has been with me a long time as well.  I have had the element hat for at least three years.  Anytime I go outside of my apartment I have to have a hat on or else if feel naked. 


11:57 A.M.
Here I am cooking lunch at home.  The blue pot you see is basically the only dish I use in our kitchen.  Everything I make comes from that pot or out of the oven.  I am cooking up some alfredo noodles because that was all I had left to eat casue I didn't go grocery shopping in a long time.  The part of the kitchen you see is basically our enitre kitchen besides a fridge to my right.  It is a small kitchen, but it does the job.


12:57 P.M.
After a shower I saw down to watch the tail end of one of my favorite movies.  The Departed was on one of our movie channels and since it is such a good movie I had to watch it.  The TV that I am watching is my roomates 32 inch Samsung and it is awsome.  If you have never watched anything in HD before I highly suggest you do because it is amazing.  This is our living room which besides three bedrooms a bathroom, and a kitchen, is the only other room in our place.


1:57 P.M.
This is me leaving Best Buy.  I had to go to Best Buy to pick up batteries for this camera that I used to do this project.  I sped all the way there after my camera died and got the batteries in time to snap a picture of me leaving.  The white snow you see directly behind me is actually my car.  I barely brushed it off and came close to death about three times driving to get batteries, but I put this project ahead of my own safety and made it in time. 


2:57 P.M.
I made it back home after Best Buy and chilled out in my living room again with my friend Evan.  We played the newest Call of Duty game on my XBOX360.  I was setting up a game at the time of this picture with the white controller in my hand.  Evan doesn't live with me, but he is basically our fourth roomate because he is at our house all the time.  It's been hard to focus on school lately because Call of Duty has taken over both of our lives.


3:57 P.M.
Here I am in my second and final Monday class.  It is Buisness 230 with Professor Sherony.  I am taking some notes while at the same trying to sneak in a picture.  This picture is crappy I know, but it was the best I could get.  We were doing some statistics review, so that we could analyze some of our data that we got from our research project.  You will notice to that I am a lefty when I am writing, but I actually do most everything else with my right hand.


4:57 P.M.
After my buisness 230 class ended, I was at home by myelf, so I decided to try and get some homework done.  I read some Aristotle for my philosophy class and took some notes down.  I try and review my notes everyday, but it usually doesn't happen.  I am giving a thumbs down not because I don't like Philosophy; I just don't like doing homework.  I would much rather be sitting on my couch and playing Call of Duty.


5:57 P.M.
The red head in this picture is my roomate Casey Gray.  One tradtion we keep in our place is that we play darts at least once a day.  Here I am throwing my third dart in the ass kicking i gave Casey in a game of Cricket.  This is another view of my apartment and as you can see we like to hang beer posters.  I worked for Miller for two years and got a lot of free stuff, so I figured I should use it.  We also have a cardboard cutout of my girlfriend hanging up on our wall.


6:57 P.M.
I'm still in my place just chilling out and decided to get my other roomate involved in this project since he is something of an artist himself.  My roomate Snatch ( I don't know how he got that nickname) works for a bar and collects bottle caps from different beers.  When he gets enough he gets a piece of wood and some glue and makes these beer pong tables.  The entire board is symmetrical with varying different types of beer brands on it.  The Texture of the table is really coold to sice there aren't any large gaps between the caps.


7:57 P.M.
The setting here is my room.  It is very messy and I almost never clean it because I like it that way.  I'm sitting there at my computer doing some more homework.  Believe it or not, with my room messy I still never lose anything in there.  I have a pretty photgenic memory and can remeber where I put my wallet under a pair of pants.  The only poster I have is the one in the picture of the Joker from the Dark Knight.  It is my favorite movie and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do.


8:57 P.M.
Here I am at one of my favorite places in La Crosse.  It is the Kwik Trip on La Crosse St.  Since I had no food in my place, I went to Kwip Trip for some of their delicious hot dogs.  I eat anything from Kwik Trip ranging from thier cheeseburgers to Mega Buddies.  It is my place to go and get anything I need.  I have been there so many times that some of the cashiers actually know who I am and don't even card me anymore when I buy cigars. 


9:57 P.M.
This is my disgusting shower.  It is really dirty, but was a piece of shit right when we moved in, so its not really our fault.  Yes, this is my second shower of the day, but I got really tired and I knew if I took a nap then I wouldn't be able so sleep at all that night.  So, I take showers to wake my self up.  I am currently rocking some cucumber melon splash shampoo casue it is cheap as hell. 


10:57 P.M.
Here I am chilling out on a tiny couch after my shower.  I am hanging out in my black sweat suit enjoying some hot cocoa.  Most people wear jeans for casual cloths, but since i don't own a pair I stick with sweat pants.  The mug I am using is from my dad's dental office which I also got for free.  I am also wearing my black basketball shoes which I like a lot too.  I feel kind of like a girl becuae I have so many different shoes.


11:57 P.M.
This my final picture of the day right before midnight.  I like to listen to music before I go to bed, so I put in Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits.  I threw a new hat on just for flare, but it is still an element skateboards hat so it is cool.  So, this is the end of my 16 hour day and I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

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