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The Life and Times of Kelson Barr

I am Kelson Barr and I was brought into this world kicking and screaming by my parents David and Laureen.  I am the bastard middle child of three with Kristen as my older sister, and Matt my little brother as the baby of the family.  My Family is the average run of the mill suburban family.  My dad is a dentist and my mom does the payroll work at his office.  My sister lives in Minnesota with her fiance and my brother is a freshman at Marquette.  I was born and raised in Wausau Wisconsin and I wouldn't trade it for any other place in the state.

Wausau Wisconsin has three very large public schools and one tiny privatie school.  I spent my painful high school days in the tiny private school of Wausau Newman Catholic High School.  Newman had a total student population of 218 kids when I went there.  I mainly spent my time at Newman just going to class and playing sports.  I was a three sport athlete that played football, basketball, and then ran track and field in the spring.  My football team was absolutly horrible, but it was by far my favorite sport.  I pretty much did everything in football; I was our wide receiver, saftey, kick and punt returner.  My basketball team was pretty solid and I usually played the entire game as a power forward.  Although Newman's football team was in light terms "not good" we made up for it in our track and field program.  My senior year our boys track team ahd a lot of people make it down to the state championship here in La Crosse.  I made it down in the 4x2 relay, 300 meter hurdles, and the 4x4 relay.  I did pretty well individually and our team took home the Division 3 State Championship.

After finally graduating from high school I found my self attending college here at the great University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  I lived in Coate hall my freshman year and then sophmore year was spent in Trowbridge.  I now live off campus across the street from Cartwright.  I am a Junior and double majoring in Finance and Marketing.  I am still active in sports down here with intramurals like flag football and basketball.  Other than that I am pretty lazy and just chill out and bullshit with my friends.

4x400 Meter Relay State Champs

Division 3 State Champs!!!

This is my 4x4 relay team that took first place in the race and also clinched the state chamionship.

Stuff I Like

MOVIES: I am a huge movie fan, whether its going to the theater, or renting a movie.  Currently my favorite movie is The Dark Knight.  I have seen it in the theater five times now and it gets better everytime I see it.  I also love all the ols actors like Pacino and De Niro along with the newer age guys like Christain Bale and Denzel Washington.  Soe of my other favorite movies include The Departed, Blow, Pulp Fiction, and Fight Club.

MUSIC:  My taste in music varies from some of the older music and some new age stuff.  I like Tom Petty, Led Zepplin and Bob Seger alot.  For the newer artists one of my favorites is Radiohead.  I also like Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Dave Matthews Band.

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